50-year old Richard Sachs and his much younger Girlfriend spotted at St. Barts Enjoying a Romantic Christmas Gateway

We’ve all heard the rumors. The fact is, as much as we didn’t want to believe the relationship was heading somewhere, the couple has been taking their cuddling a notch higher each time they get out in public.

Once again, meet a 50-year old fashion designer and an art collector with his 30-year-old girlfriend who is an actress and also a die-hard fashion fanatic doing it again. Just a day after celebrating a romantic Christmas, Richard Sachs, a fashion designer and his undeniably lovely girlfriend, Ashley Olsen step out in public to enjoy a night dinner at St. Barts.

Looking at the way she was dressed for the occasion, it was clear that Ashley was looking forward to an enthralling night out with her 50-year old boyfriend. She was seen in a loose black top, tight jeans and sandals. On the other hand, Richard dressed as if he was heading to a beach party, but didn’t want to outmatch her lovely leading girlfriend.

He wore a black T-shirt, slightly dark denim jeans and some sporty shoes. As if he wanted to make the public jealous, the fashion designer was seen holding a door open for his girlfriend before driving to St. Barts, a place they were supposed to enjoy their night dinner. If you’ve been following the drama behind these two accidentally love birds, you might already know that they held a Thanksgiving party at the same place a month ago. The question is, why St. Barts?

While at the place, a couple was seen having lots of fun. The E! News took some pictures that proved they didn’t go out to have some little fun, but a huge one to make the end of the year memorable. They did almost everything from shopping to grocery and hiking to basking in the sun.

According to one of the eyewitnesses who saw them on vacation, they maintained a low profile while enjoying most of the activities, but couldn’t hide much of it.

The rumors of these two having a serious relationship started in the month of October, a day they were both seen enjoying a spin class in New York City. They were seen biking beside each other in the front row of the class. They were also spotted holding hands together during the break. Clearly, they had made up their mind to start something new, but who knew what it is was?