Abby Wambach has become engaged to Christian Blogger Glennon Doyle Melton

Huge congratulations are in order.

Abby is the famous soccer player who was instrumental in helping team USA to lift the FIFA Women’s World in 2015. She and her Christian female partner went public with their relationship in the later part of 2016.

Glennon, who is 40 years of age, spread the word through Facebook on Friday night.

In a romantic note, Glennon wrote that she and Abby will be holding hands for eternity. The note appeared beside a black and white photo depicting the couple’s hands adorned with diamond rings saying that love wins.

Another social media release was made on Instagram using the same photo along with a note saying that the couple would be holding hands passionately forever more.

For her part, Abby published the same photo on her Facebook page next day on the morning of Saturday. She tagged it with #iseethemoonnow.”

Glennon, is the originator of the Momastery website. She is also the author of a book entitled Love Warrior. It was her memoir and it was published in November 2016 revealing her relationship with her beloved Abby.

In her book she wrote that she was going to share her new found love with the reader. She explained that her name was Abby and that she was the retired star of the US ladies national team soccer. She wrote that Abby was one of the world’s best female soccer players ever, and how she had fought for women’s equality for over 10-years. She also went on to say that these were the least significant things about her partner’s personality.

Glennon’s post took many people by surprise, coming just three months after she had ended her 14-year old marriage with Craig Melton. They have a son plus two daughters.

Only two months prior to Glennon’s revelation, Abby had revealed that she, and then wife Sarah Huffman, were going to be divorced.

On Valentine’s Day on Instagram Abby announced, “I found myself when I met you @glennondoylemelton,” on . ” The end. I love you!

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