Adele Temporarily Removes Concert Fireworks After Incident with Son

Remember when your parents told you not to play with fire? Sometimes, the flow of that conversation can be reversed! That was exactly the case at a recent Adele sound check, where her four year old boy was hit by firework debris during show preparations. Although there were no serious injuries reported, it was enough for Adele to promptly cancel her pyrotechnics for the full show later that night.

Being the loving parent that she is, Adele’s initial reaction was to cancel the fireworks for all of her upcoming Adele Live Tour shows. However, fan response has since led her to change her tune.

The award winner directly addressed her audience regarding the fireworks, asking for their input on whether she should include them in upcoming shows. She asked the crowd for a “boo” if they thought the fireworks should be cut from the performance. In her usual edgy tone and choice of language, she also added “if you don’t want s**t in your eyes”.

Regardless of the potential danger, there were no boos on the night, and the cheers indicated that the audience still wanted the fireworks in the show, even if they weren’t going to get any on the night. Adele responded to the feedback, telling the audience; “Alright, we’ll do it next time”.

While professional pyrotechnics and fireworks are typically regarded as safe, accidents can happen. It’s not always the audience that is impacted, as proved more than two decades ago when James Hetfield of Metallica was seriously burnt by on-stage pyrotechnics. The incident led to the band stopping mid show, and Hetfield was hospitalized to treat his injuries. It wasn’t until two weeks later that he could return to the stage, and even then, his guitar tech had to stand in while James was limited to singing the band’s thrash metal epics.

While that’s definitely a more extreme case, risks and incidents like these probably weighted heavily on Adele’s mind, especially since it was her own son who was impacted. She’ll continue her tour, likely with the fireworks reinstated with some extra safety measures, and she’ll wrap up with her final date in London later this year.

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