AHS Star Lily Rabe Is Pregnant With Her First Child!

The famous American horror story actress is happy to be pregnant. She is expecting her first born. The actress is happy to wait for a first born with her boyfriend Linklater. The news came out when Lily Rabe debuted her growing pregnancy when the couple was attending the Kennedy Center honors ceremony. It was earlier this month when her fans knew about the news. She shared a photo of her during the event on her Instagram account.

The two celebrities who starred in the new adventures of old Christine and the crazy ones have been dating. They have been dating for some years. The pregnancy is a new excitement in their relationship. There are several scenes where the actor and actress have appeared together. For instance, they had appeared in The Shakespeare in the Park Production. Other scenes where they were featured include the Cymbeline in the year 2015. In recent days they have been seen in a famous movie by the name Adaptation of a Midsummer Night’s Dream. The latest film will hit theaters for the coming year.

The actress has appeared in many movies which have made her attract huge following on social media accounts. She has many fans who will like to know the day to day life. Many people were excited by the announcement of her pregnancy on Instagram. She appears to be very happy about the pregnancy. It can be seen from the way she responds to comments her fans keep making on her social media accounts. The two have appeared in several movie scenes which make them have something in common.

Some of the greatest hits where the actress has appeared include the all six season of the hit FX. She appeared in all the seasons which make her stand out from top actresses. She has used several stage names. Just to name but a few, she has been referred to stage names such as Nora Montgomery, Misty Day, Sister Mary Eunice, Shelby Miller and serial killer Aileen Wounos. Most people who love horror movies know her well. She is an outstanding actress who takes scenes which many people become excited about in the horror scenes.

Lily and Hamish are trying to grow their family. Many fans wish them well in their efforts to raise their family as well as growing their relationship. The two appear to be calm about the new development. It can be clearly seen from the post they had on Instagram informing fans about their progress.

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