Are Alex Pettyfer and Marloes Horst Just Back together or are they engaged?

It’s a year since Alex Pettyfer and Marloes Horst had announced their split. Things seem to have changed now as not only are they back together, E! News has photos of the pair strolling holding hands in Beverly Hills with Host wearing something special. She has a diamond ring on her finger!

You naturally wonder if they are engaged. Well, one source told E! News that they are indeed together again and are engaged. This information is a lot different than the news of them breaking up last March that the couple had announced through Instagram. The Magic Mike star had then started his post saying that he normally didn’t do such things as he preferred keeping his life private. He said that despite whatever written, he and Marloes had indeed split up as his work and her career as a top supermodel kept them apart.

He also said that they had mutually agreed to the separation and that they were still close and in love. He stated that they were still the best of friends who pretty well knew whatever the future held for them. Marloes repeated the same sentiments Alex had shared in her past through the words #shewillalwaysbefamily#factisgreaterthanfiction.

The hot Maybelline spokesmodel had written that despite whatever the papers may have written, she and Alex had to split up because of their busy schedules. She even stated that reading those negative articles saddened her as they were very close and loved each other a lot. She said that they had taken matters into their hands and that they had made the decision mutually. She also stated that they were still best friends and would always be family. #loveisalwaystheanswer.

It looks like they had kept their word as by keeping close to each other, their paths once again intertwined.

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