Ali Vincent’s Journey to Regaining her Weight

Ali Vincent shot to the limelight when she beat all odds and announced the biggest weight loss ever. It was seen as something impossible even to weight loss experts, but Vincent proved all wrong when she lost a massive 112 pounds to become The Biggest Loser’s first female winner in 2008. She admitted that she did not believe in herself but only worked through faith that saw her shed the astounding 112 pounds. Nobody ever believed she could make it and even herself could not believe either. Ali Vincent is now back again in a struggle known to many previous contestants.

The Arizona native took to facebook in late April to affirm to her social media fans that she had successfully regained most of the weight she had shed eight years early during the show. She lamented that she had to join the weight watchers in order to help her regain the weight she shed on The Biggest Loser. “It was the hardest thing in my life joining the weight watchers and I swore I will never be here again”. She says that she can’t figure out another day she would weight over 200 pounds. “I feel ashamed, embarrassed, a failure and am so overwhelmed by it all” she expressed it in her lengthy message she wrote.

In October, a twist unfolded when Vincent revealed how she was sexually assaulted in one of the massage parlors she attended. She kept it a secret until she opened up about it in a segment on Oprah. “It is not something you just talk about it” she told the reporter when she was asked why she kept it to herself. She concealed that a lot of changes has occurred in her life especially when she moved to Northern California and her routine completely changed.

Vincent has been putting her self esteem on the brinks which became evident when she affirms on T.D Jakes interview. “The Biggest Loser presented me with an opportunity to believe in myself but I don’t know if I really did it” she said during the interview. The former competitor says that she still has a lot of stuff to deal with even though she is skeptical of her age. “I feel like am 41 years old and when will I start owning my own things” she loudly screamed out during the interview. Jakes advised her that age is just nothing but the goal is to confront what is pulling you back and forge on what you have to achieve.

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