Alison Brie and Dave Franco Talk about their Upcoming Wedding

Could Dave Franco and Alison Brie be tying the knots early this year? They could be! At least that’s what you can gather from what Dave’s brother, James Franco, said in jest on The Late Show.

Engaged couple Allison Brie and Dave Franco, in a rare appearance together on the red carpet at the Sundance Film Festival as a promotion of their new comedy film, The Little Hours. All glammed up, the stunning old actress wore a close-fitting turtleneck navy blue dress and low, black boots, while the handsome beau was dressed in a tailored, grey pinstripe suit and dark sweater.

The engaged stars speaks about their roles in The Little Hours, a movie set in the medieval fourteenth century. The film stars Franco who worked as a servant in a convent after he escaped Nick Offerman, his evil lord. The convent where he sought sanctuary is full of naughty nuns. Brie is one of them. How did Brie feel about wearing a religious habit? The Mad Men star says, “It really robs you of all sexuality,” She defensively adds, “I feel like we all wanted to be naked all the time…You’ll see there is quite a bit of nudity in the movie from everyone but me.”

While promoting their movie as a joint venture, Dave Franco and Allison Brie responded to the revelation of James Franco that they are planning to get married early this year. With a big smile, Alison said James has no idea what he was talking about. Dave tried to dismiss the spontaneous announcement, saying his brother does not know anything.

Franco claims no one knows when the wedding is going to be. Although they are not yet seriously planning, they are hoping a wedding will hopefully happen in the early part of the year.

It was E! News that first exposed Franco proposed to Brie with an Irene Neuwirth-designed ring in August 2015 after exclusively dating for more than three years. Back in May, Dave said they might elope. When reminded about it, the actor remained vague on their wedding plans and jested that they will probably still elope.

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