Amber Rose Post-Christmas Gift for Val Chmerkovsky Gets Internet Rolling With Admiration

Amber Rose surprises Val Chmerkovsky with an adorable Instagram post-Christmas gift

Though Christmas has passed and now that many people are looking forward to the New Year, still, there many A-list stars haven’t stopped giving out gifts, and the latest online sensation is Amber’s gift for her fiancé, Val Chmerkovskiy. The sexy model shared a beautiful selfie putting a lace and a black baring jumpsuit that revealed all her eye-popping curves and cleavage. Though the photo was captioned using a simple kissing lips emoji, Amber Rose made sure that everyone knew who that photo was intended for – her fiancé, Val Chmerkovskiy.

Val Chmerkovskiy Instagram username was tagged close to one of Amber’s boobs. Though the intent is not known the sexy model picked this particular body region to share Val Chmerkovskiy’s name – many have speculated that this was perhaps the best way the model could have captured the attention of internet craze, and of course, her boyfriend. The couple has had gorgeous moments since their relationship surfaced from October and going by their recent moments, it may be okay to say that Amber may not be missing anything from her two former relationships, engagement with rappers Kanye West, and later Wiz Khalifa.

Amber first met Val Chmerkovskiy when participating on Dancing with the Stars along with her professional partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy who also happened to be Val’s brother. The couple hung out on numerous occasions, and their relationship has reached a point where they can no longer hide the affection they have for one another. Amber Rose has ever been constantly sharing photos of her new catch on her various social media posts, and Val on the other side seems to be ever doing the same thing. In fact, the two are so used to sharing their photo moments, and one of Amber’s recent Instagram posts clearly confirms this.

Regarding their present relationship status, reliable sources have it that the two lovers are “so truly solid, have found themselves in a good place, and they are happy with events have been turning out for them”. Amber’s fans can speculate whether Val Chmerkovsky may bring in some wedding discussions, if not, maybe another Amber baby bump on the way. Amber Rose is never shy from posting revealing and beautiful photos of her. With the New Year almost around the corner, we may be surprised by even more beautiful Instagram posts gifts, but for now, this one is totally getting her fans crazy.

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