American Idol Can’t Find Judges! And Time is Almost Up


Times sure have changed, American Idol used to be the hottest show on prime television, and these days the American Idol reboot seems to be struggling. Producers have yet to lock down a second, third, and potentially fourth judge… and there are only six weeks left until the show airs.

According to TMZ, there is only one judge on the roster so far, ‘Idol’ producers offered the gig to Katy Perry, and she accepted, for a cool sum of $25 million.

‘Idol’ sources tell TMZ that none of the previous forerunners (which include Lionel Richie, Charlie Puth, Luke Bryan or Keith Urban) have signed yet, and aren’t close to doing so either. Apparently, producers just threw record producer Nile Rodgers into the mix, but he hasn’t signed anything either.

The reason Lionel Richie is hesitating, according to sources, is because his team is asking for $10 million for the gig, which is exactly double of what the producers want to pay.

American Idol producers are still deciding whether they want 3 or 4 judges.  It seems the issue mainly revolves around money, but they’re leaning more towards 4.

Auditions for ‘Idol’ start this Thursday in Orlando, but the filmed auditions- the ones done in front of judges- aren’t projected to start until the end of September. It’s getting down to the wire, but they still have a little more time to lock things down.  We can’t wait to see who they land on.

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