Could Angelina Jolie Be The Reason “ALLIED” Flopped At The Bex Office?

Allied, a film which stars Brad Pit and Marion Cotillard, surprisingly stirred mixed emotions during its first box office weekend. The World War II film only managed to move $18 million in sheet sales, with sources saying Angelina Jolie could have been a big reason as to why the film garnered such low sales during its first box office. This is especially so after she accused the two co-stars of having an affair while on-set, which only attracted negative publicity for the movie.

Both Brad Pit and Marion Cotillard play international spies who are later forced to get married in this World War II thriller film. The weekend box office outcome has left many of Brad Pit’s fans wondering whether this could be the beginning of the end of his career. What was even more surprising however, was that Brad Pit made it to the film’s red carpet owing to the fact he is currently going through a lot in his personal life right now. A majority of both critics and fans expected him to avoid the red carpet events altogether. Pit however did not promote the movie as much as he usually does. Unlike Cotillard who held a lot of interviews, Pit did not do the usual radio interviews he usually does when he promotes his movies. And as much as he attended a few premiers such as the ones in Hong Kong and Madrid, it did nothing to prevent Allied’s opening weekend from being one of the worst in Pit’s career.

It is believed that Angeline is the cause for the film’s failure and subsequent lukewarm reviews. After all, she announced that she was divorcing Brad back in September, after alleging that the two co-stars were probably having an affair while on-set. Although Marion refuted these claims, Brad Pit only managed to have more allegations levelled against him from her. Angelina claimed that Brad Pit was a bad father with anger issued who abused both alcohol and drugs in their homes. Although no one knows the real reason behind the couple’s divorce, it is without doubt that Brad’s career has taken a major hit from the drama in his personal life.

Do you think Angelina Jolie is to blame for Brad Pit’s current failure at the box office? Do you think that Pit’s Hollywood career will take a nose dive after the couple’s divorce? Do you think Brad Pit should take a break from the spotlight and Hollywood’s glitz and glamour to work on his personal issues? Let us know what you think on the comments section below. Be sure to follow CDL for all the latest news on Brangelina’s divorce.


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