Another delay in Shailene Woodley’s Pipeline Protest Trial

Things don’t seem to be going right for Hollywood actress Shailene Woodley as her trial has once again been postponed to another date. The Divergent star is on trial for charges placed against her for joining the hundreds of demonstrators protesting against North Dakota’s Dakota Access Pipeline.

Woodley was not the only star charged; she was one amongst 27 other activists who were arrested on Oct. 10th for the same reason. Woodley is a strong opponent of the project and managed to live stream her march and arrest using her cell phone. She later posted the recording on Facebook and has pleaded not guilty to the charges of criminal trespassing and being involved in a riot.

Woodley was first scheduled to stand trial on January 25th, but this was later rescheduled to Feb. 22nd.
Unfortunately, the date has been further postponed to March 31st. According to court documents, the availability of an attorney, and attorney conflicts were the reasons for both reschedules.

The charges for both of the crimes which have been accused against Woodley carry with them a maximum punishment of a fine of $1,500 and a month’s jail.

All the agitators demonstrating against the laying down of the 3.8 billion pipeline staged their protest because they worried about the potential damage the pipeline could cause to the city’s water supplies and the many cultural and tribal artifacts.

So far more than 600 protestors have been arrested since the start of the protest in support of the Standing Sioux tribe in August. While many celebrities have voiced their views on the project, Shailene was one of the few who took a real stand on the matter. She is a staunch defender of the Standing Sioux, who are against the pipeline construction on their land.

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