Ariana Grande is on top of the moon for her co-starring role with Kristin Chenoweth

Broadway is always close to Ariana Grande’s heart. You can understand that for this is the place where her high flying career took off. Ariana Loved the Wicked from her early age and she could not imagine skipping to watch Kristin Chenoweth doing her thing. And out of that, she has ever looked forward to doing something together with Kristin. Right from meeting at the backstage, it is now confirmed that the two talents will be sharing an acting floor.

It seems that her undying love for Kristin has earned her a top prize. Grande is finally going to work with her star, Chenoweth. She could not hide her happiness as she pondered how it will be having the beautiful pair side by side.

How Ariana and Kristin met

It was back during the day of the Wicked. Kristin then met Ariana and her brother at the back stage. The two had gone there to specifically meet Kristin and she was so happy they came to know each other.

During that first encounter, Ariana could not hold back her enthusiasm of meeting her childhood star. She could not believe she was seeing her face to face. Kristin narrates of how she got a shower gel from Ariana and has been using it ever since. It must have been an inspiration or so thinks Kristin. Little did they know it will come a time they will be paired as co-stars. And here they are having lived all that time till now to enjoy the moment.

The inseparable affection

The two share a lot of love for each other. To Kristin, Ariana is like her own kid. They keep tabs on each other on social media and they share jokes about each other. They both love each other’s work and now they will be doing it together.

In her enthusiasm, Kristin remembers how she was online missing Ariana and had to listen to her song. She declares that she would want one of these days for the singer to record an entire album singing her sweet voice out.

Ariana responded to that suggestion positively, and said the album will be produced exclusively by Kristin. What a bunch of love from these two fine stars! We look forward to a top-notch action as the two are now going to act together.

For the child love, you two ladies rock. Keep it rolling and we look forward to seeing your work together.

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