Ariana Grande Opens Up About Feeling ‘Sick and Objectified’ After Fan Encounter

It’s no secret that Ariana Grande has a big voice, and she raised the volume, on Tuesday. Ariana Grande carries on to use her platform to speak out loud against the objectification of women. This time yelling out a male fan, who use sexual, degrading language geared toward the “Side to Side” Singer while speaking with her boyfriend Mac Miller.

The singer took to Twitter to highlighting the startling incident that involved herself, her boyfriend Mark Miller and a so-called fan. “Went to pick up some food with Mac tonight and a young boy took after us to the car to tell that he’s a big fan of mac and his songs” she stated. “He was excited and loud and by the moment Miller seated on the driver’s seat, he too entered the car. I thought all of this was a bit of cool and exciting until he stated ‘Ariana is sexy as hell man’

Grande Paused in disbelief and dropped a line “That f–h??”

“This may not look like a great deal, but I felt sick and being objectified. I was also sitting right that point when he pronounces it (?) I’ve felt really hurt and quit since that instant. Things like to happen all the time and are the part that contributes to women’s sense of inadequacy and fear. I am not the piece of meat that man makes to utilize for his pleasure and desire” Grande stated. “I’m an adult woman being in a relationship with a man who provides me with a lot of respect and love.

Miller – who recently was the part of his girlfriend’s song “My Favorite part” – has not yet commented on the incident. However Grande said it hurts a lot to see so many young men using the phrase that treats women like an object with such an ease.

Grande decided to share her experience “Because I know that most of the women recognize the sensation of being taken advantage in public by man or spoken in an uncomfortable way. According to Grande being vocal is the best mean to prevent future incidents from taking place. She explained, “We need to be vocal when something makes us fell uncomfortable, because if don’t come forward, it will only continue.” She also stated that “We need to spoke openly about this incidents as they can be really harmful and they can live inside us as a shame”

Grande in her last word said ” We are not prizes or objects. We are QUEENS and We should be treated as QUEENS”

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