Ariana Grande Sticks Up For Herself Despite Massive Criticism on Twitter about her Objectification Drama

Ariana Grande, an accomplished singer and songwriter, is refusing to bow down after taking a deliberate act to stick up for herself and other women across the world when a fan allegedly objectified her. Grande could not hold back her frustration and took to Twitter to voice her frustration, which was met with total backlash from supporters. The shocking incident happened after a fan shamelessly told her beloved boyfriend, Mac Miller, that she is as sexy as hell. The fan went on to say that he sees him hitting that.

Ariana Grande, in a statement, said the incident left her feeling sick and objectified. Some fans, however, were not sympathetic to her, claiming that the negative comments were motivated by the sexy fashion sense and dance moves in her music videos.

Those responses prompted her to rush back to Twitter to stop them right off. She continued to stick up for herself and other women across the globe stating categorically that sexuality should be perceived as an art and not a source of disrespect. She went ahead to give a case in point saying that even wearing a short skirt should not attract negative sentiments. She went into details pointing out that a woman’s personal choice regarding how she dresses, acts in music, and personality attributes such as funny, sexy, and flirty should not be open invitation for negative remarks. She concluded that women have a right to express themselves in whatever way they wish, and that dressing or appearing in a certain way doesn’t mean they are up for grabs.

The attractive singer shared her unfortunate incident on Wednesday morning. After narrating the events leading up to the saddening happenings, Grande acknowledged that the incident might not be a serious issue to a few people, but the truth is that she felt sick and objectified. She also opened up that the fan threw the awful remarks when she was right there. Since the incident happened, she has been hurting in silence. Grande recognized that such incidences are not unique to her and other women, and such actions greatly contribute to fear and inadequacy among women. She wasn’t done just yet, going on to school some of her na├»ve fans that she is a human being in a normal relationship with a man that treats her with dignity and respect, and that she’s not some kind of meat a man uses for personal pleasure and satisfaction.

Grande pointed out that she went public as she’s well aware that majority of women understand the feeling of being talked about publicly, in a demeaning way and being leveraged by men just because they are women.

Hence, going public was designed to promote communication and bring awareness about the actions and words. Grande went on to underscore the importance of open talk knowing that such habits are ingrained in many people and are shameful acts. She encouraged other women to come out in case such events happen to them since not speaking out encourages the habits to thrive. Grande concluded that women are not objects or prizes but QUEENS.

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