It’s a Baby Boy for Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers

There’s another reason for Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers to celebrate the New Year: the couple is expecting their second baby, and this time, it’s a boy!

Just a month after their daughter Harper Hammer celebrated her second birthday, the couple announced on January 15 the coming of their second child, as confirmed by a rep to E! News. The pregnancy was announced by Elizabeth during the Toronto International Film Festival in September. Before the couple stepped on the red carpet, the 34-year-old Bird Bakery founder and CEO elated her 30,000 Instagram followers with her post “Dressed and ready for the premier of #Freefire and captioned it “And the premiere of baby Hammer Number 2!”

At the Free Fire premiere later that night, the parents-to-be chatted with E! News’ Marc Malkin, but refused to reveal the child’s gender. Armie said it’s the baby’s health that matters as he puts his hand on Elizabeth’s five-and-a-half month belly.

Two weeks later, Armie accidentally divulged the second baby’s sex while promoting Birth of a Nation on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Armie said he was carefully choosing a name for the baby, considering his last name Hammer. The actor jokingly told Jimmy they were thinking about Jack or maybe calling the baby Michael Charles or M.C. Armie then realizes he just gave away the baby’s name.

In October, E! News’ Sibley Scoles caught up with Armie, where the 30-year-old Nocturnal Animal actor showed amusement over his slip up during the Jimmy Kimmel Live! Although the baby’s sex was not announced, Armie said the revelation was basically 100 percent his fault. The actor added he couldn’t understand the reason why some stars try to make a private milestone obvious. Continuing to philosophize, Armie said it’s like creating the demand for the supply. If the pregnancy is revealed, everyone goes saying it is great then they just go on living their lives.

No one can say if the couple will have a third child soon. Armie said his wife doesn’t get tired and sick being pregnant. Elizabeth seems to enjoy being pregnant, and does not complain about it. Whatever comes their way, the couple is ready. Still on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the Lone Ranger actor said everything is going all right for them.

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