What Bella Hadid Feels about Selena Gomez and The Weeknd’s New Affair

It looks like the new romance blossoming between Selena Gomez and The Weeknd isn’t doing much good for everyone! It was just a few days ago that a few PDA photos of the singers kissing outside Giorgio Baldi, Santa Monica’s hotspot suddenly appeared. Its appearance has left some people wondering what Bella Hadid felt about this new and unanticipated relationship between the two.

While Bella deciding to unfollow Selena signalled that things were not so great between them, there’s more to learn about the supermodel’s response to the affair. According to a source with E! News, Bella still has not been able to come out of hre relationship with The Weeknd and that she still loved him.

The source also states that while they are both on amicable terms, Bella was feeling resentful about The Weeknd’s relationship with Selena. They also mentioned that Bella was unhappy after listening to all the rumours making its rounds about the relationship between The Weeknd and Selena.

Another insider also confirmed that Bella was really hurt upon seeing Selena with her man because Bella still believed that there was a connection between herself and The Weeknd.

A separate source disclosed to E! News sometime earlier this week that though Selena and Bella were acquainted with each other, they were not really great pals. If you take a look at this fact, it does not seem that this was a case of Selena stealing her friend’s guy or of The Weeknd getting involved with Selena just to make Bella feel a tad jealous.

It was on Tuesday night last that Selena and The Weeknd met for a pleasant dinner date. This dinner date continued for 3 hours, which they spent sitting at the restaurant’s back room. Done with their dinner, the couple packed on the PDA while waiting for their vehicles outside.

Another source told E! News that The Weeknd always had something going for Selena. The source said that The Weeknd considered Bella was very sexy and had lots of talents. They also stated that though Selena and The Weeknd may have started talking only some time before the holidays, The Weeknd had an eye for Selena long before that.

Our insider also mentioned that they both related to each other on the same level of expectations and each thought the other was really fun to be with. Our insider also said that as the couple had no reason to hurry, they were taking things and time slowly to get to know each other better.

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