Brad Pitt Makes A Surprise Appearance, Gets Wildly Applauded At The 2017 Golden Globes

If there’s any doubt that Brad Pitt has legions of fans in Hollywood, the Angelina Jolie divorce debacle notwithstanding, then his appearance at the 2017 Golden Globes absolutely dispelled them.

The multi-awarded actor and producer surprised the crowd when he made the introduction to Moonlight, a film by Barry Jenkin, which was nominated for Best Motion Picture, Drama. Plan B, his production company, also produced the widely acclaimed film. He made the introduction toward the end of the event’s telecast, which added to the thrill of the crowd.

Pitt made his introductions after a commercial break in the event. The crowd, most of whom consisted of the movers and shakers in Hollywood, offered their initial lukewarm applause as they settled back into their seats. Many appeared to have made a quick trip to the restroom and the bar while most were clearly distracted.

But as soon as they realized Pitt was on stage, their cheers increased like wave upon wave until it soon rose to a roar! Pitt took their applause in good stride – flashing his megawatt smile at the crowd and getting handsomer for it.

The 53-year old actor and producer has largely shunned the spotlight since September 2016 when his separation from Angelina Jolie was announced. This came as a shock to the public, especially as there were no apparent signs of trouble in their family. Their subsequent custody battle is still fodder for tabloids while the real reasons for their break-up are also being speculated by almost every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

Pitt, of course, made his first public appearance after the divorce announcement at a private screening in Los Angeles in November 2016 for Moonlight. But his appearance on stage during the Golden Globes is his first television appearance for many months now.

But as soon as the Moonlight reel was over, Pitt walked out on stage. Jimmy Fallon replaced him with his introduction to the next presenters.

We, on the other hand, are left with our brief but delightful memories. We hope that Brad doesn’t keep us waiting for long!

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