British Fashion Council Hands Out 2016 Fashion Icon Awards to Jaden and Willow Smith

British Fashion Council Hands Out 2016 Fashion Icon Awards to Jaden and Willow Smith

The youngest Smith children have something to celebrate in style! Jaden and Willow Smith have been mentioned as the New Fashion Icons by the British Fashion Council in 2016. Formerly known as British Fashion Awards, the event itself celebrated 27 years of honoring individuals who are the epitome of fashion. As a side note, the event is also a fundraiser for which the proceeds are given to the Education Foundation for the British Fashion Council. The council provides scholarship funding for those who wish to pursue the latest fashion trends and style.

The festivities also made mention of fashion icon Ralph Lauren; he was given the Outstanding Achievement Award because of his active role in the fashion industry around the world.

This is the first award the two fashion-conscious individuals have received, but it’s certainly not the first time they have been noted for sporting stylish looks. Jaden was featured in publication when he shopped for clothes and showed a picture of a dress on Instagram, saying “Shopped around for some girl clothes, and I mean “clothes”. Nicholas Ghesquire, director of Louis Vuitton praised the 18 yr. old model, stating that Jaden has successfully represented a generation free of gender questions, manifestos and one which has fully embraced true freedom. A skirt comes naturally for him as would a woman who would wear a tuxedo or a trench coat.

Fashion icon Willow had this to say in Wonderland, “Being flexible with how you look and yourself is self-confidence. When we were kids, Jaden would only want to wear his Spider-Man outfit, and I would mismatch all the outfits I wore. We were unrestrained with our choice of clothing.”

The young star said that this was the start of their confidence in fashion. She recalled that they had the freedom to choose which clothes they wanted to wear. The 16 yr. old Smith became Chanel’s brand ambassador, even releasing her self-designed hat and t-shirt which sold at Jaden’s website.

The 2016 Fashion Awards brought in notable celebrities Bella and Gigi Hadid, both strong contenders for the Model of the Year in competition with each other and Kendall Jenner, a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Jaden Smith received the award in behalf of his sister and himself.

Now that the two youngest Smiths received the award for being fashion icons, what can we expect from them for the year 2017? We can only hold our breaths and anticipate with great expectations. Until then, congratulations to Jaden and Willow Smith!

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