Britney Spears Is Feeling Puppy Love for Sam Asghari

Princess of Pop Britney Spears is rumored to have her eyes set on Sam Asghari. These romance rumors have been going on since the pair first met in late 2016 while filming the video for Britney’s latest single, “Slumber Party” from her ninth studio album Glory.

To further spark rumors, the couple spent a day taking pictures together as they cuddled in bed. The pair opted to play with the various Snapchat filters and suggested that these two were definitely into each other. Even though Britney didn’t attach a caption to the photo, a personal only needs to see the pictures to realize this is a couple that is sizzling hot.

Of course, that doesn’t mean an actual confirmation of their relationship exists. While the two have been photographed together, and spent Christmas and New Year’s Day together, both have opted to keep very silent about the rumors they are dating.

To further spark rumors, Britney was seeing with Sam as he celebrated his birthday on January 20. The event that took place in Beverly Hills suggested that things were moving in the right direction for the happy couple. The pair were pressed closed for each photograph they appeared in.

That doesn’t mean that others haven’t weighed in. A source close to Britney suggested that it isn’t as big of a deal as some want to believe it is. The two are just having a good time, and who knows what the future may have for the pair.

Still, as long as Britney and Sam are happy, that is all that ultimately matters for the pair. Whether they are just enjoying some down time as friends, or are starting to ignite the path to marriage, only time will tell. Regardless, the pair are definitely fun to watch.

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