How Camila Cabello Fought Her Way to the Top: Is it “a Cuban Thing”?

If it was not for her persistence and fighting spirit, she couldn’t have gone this far with her career. Though Camila Cabello refers to it as “a Cuban thing” her robust and unstoppable character was quite evident right from the audition. Speaking on Lena Dunham’s Women of the Hour show about her career, the ex-Fifth Harmony member had a lot to say about her career journey and growing up. Camila Cabello acknowledged the opportunity she had by the virtual of being in the group. She admitted that wasn’t brought up to become an entertainer. According to her, she had no one to look up to the family as a professional entertainer. “…in my family people sing for fun, my grandma love music……there wasn’t anybody that ever did this professional,” said the 19-year-old.

Camila Cabello also noted that she did not come from the entertainment hubs such as New York and LA. Coming from Miami and being an immigrant from Cuba, it was extremely hard to make it. No one could imagine that she stood a chance in the entertainment industry. In fact, not even that family could believe that she would make it this far. Opening up about her X Factor audition experience, her persistence and ability to say no had a lot to do with her success. She was celebrating her 15th birthday when she auditioned.

The auditions were in North Carolina, and she had to ask her mother to drive her there. During the interview, Camila confessed that One Direction influenced her a lot.”….I was a big fan of One direction back then…..they had uploaded a video giving tips to audition for X Factor” she said. Though she did not make it for the first time, she was lucky to be an alternate. After two days, she was right about to audition again but the show’s employees asked her to consider not auditioning. She was asked to go home. Having her whole at the place, she was not ready to give in to this request as many would. She was not raised to give up that easily, and thus she determined to push on with auditions no matter what. “It’s a Cuban thing” she insisted. She was like, ‘no, just give me a shot.’

She ended up auditioning. Luckily, she got for yeses, and though she didn’t make it, it got her to the boot camp. She was put in the group, and that’s how her career started. “…. I was so stoked; I was excited that it wasn’t over….. I was like a kid in a candy store”.

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