Can The World Handle a Third Property Brother?

If you are one of the many fans of the show “Property Brothers,” then you are more than likely already familiar with the show’s hosts, twin brothers Jonathan and Drew.

But were you aware that the two property investment studs have an older brother J.D.?

However, even the fans who are committed to the show out of love for the twins are admitting that things don’t exactly look the same when all three brothers are together. The most recent photo of the trio has created a stir among fans, leading to them digging up as much as they can about brother number three and just exactly what he does for a living.

By visiting the Scott Brothers website, you can learn a lot about the oldest of the three brothers. J.D. has been able to gain experience with everything from acting, both on stage and on the big screen, improv writing, co-founding YFG, a Canadian group of sketch comics, even being hired to perform as an impersonator in the Vegas area, most commonly known for roles as David Bowie and Adam Lambert.

The website goes on to mention that J.D. has been able to produce almost 60 hours of digital content and has been able to become quite the YouTube star with some hilarious videos. There have been some rumors of the eldest brother performing as a magician, but as of yet, we haven’t been able to find any video footage that would support the claim.

However, there has been a video found displaying younger brother Jonathan’s magical skills.

Despite the many talents that J.D. has been able to develop over the years, there is only one real characteristic he has that’s been getting him noticed and leaving people in awe. However, you might best describe that awe as awful. For some time now, J.D. has been sporting an emo haircut that drastically sets him apart from his younger twins.

Both fans and critics of the show have finally been able to agree on something, the fact that there is a black sheep of the family. According to several people who rely on Twitter to make their voice heard, it seems as if J.D. has more in common with Pete Wentz when it comes to outward appearances, mainly hairstyles than he does with his brothers.

So much for being the big brother that sets the example for the younger siblings wanting to follow in his footsteps. At least J.D. has made sure the twins know how not to comb their hair.

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