Carpool Karaoke no Longer on Ed Sheeran’s Bucket List

Ed Sheeran has a bad habit of spilling the beans on too many approaching performances. How he kept his mouth shut about planning a segment on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke segment, we’ll never know.

“I’ve been in touch with James Corden about this for three years because he wanted me to do the first one,” commented Sheeran.

As it turned out, George Michael was the first-ever Carpool Karaoke star that paved the way for its stardom. The segment became an overnight success on “The Late Late Show” when Corden took over as host in 2015.

You could almost hear the little boy tease of the 25-year-old English singer, songwriter and occasional rapper as he thought out loud of his plans for the upcoming show.

“I want to put on something really, like really awkward and dirty, like Biggie’s song Big Booty and just hear James Corden sing along,” teased Sheeran in a recent interview with Capital FM. I think this means that the host better put on his rap hat as opposed to hearing a nice quiet ballad.

Although the timing has never worked out for Sheeran and Corden in planning a show, you might say that the timing has never been more perfect. The audience will be huge and the performance, unforgettable. So when can fans expect to see what Sheeran has up his sleeve for funnyman Corden? The date has not been released, except to say that it will take place within the next year. That is, unless Ed Sheeran lets his tongue slip and gives away the surprise.

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