CeeLo Green Responds to Messages of Concern Over Video Showing Exploding Phone

CeeLo Greenest the record in a straight line on Facebook Live, expressing gratitude toward his fans for their supporting words. “Hello y’all, listen, ” he told the camera. “I simply need to let everybody realize that I am surviving and I am well and I’m OK. Truly, I’m truly vexed that anyone must be candidly bothered with what they saw today. Really what you saw today was a clasp from a smaller video that we were shooting for another venture that Now i’m doing called Gnarly Davidson. It should construct and present the new character personality. Regardless will discharge the music, in any case and fundamentally to each individual that adoration me and think about me, I just wished to help you to realize that I’m FINE… “

A surveillance online video from inside a saving studio has been released showing the moment happen. Cee Lo was resting in his chair in the studio and chatting on his phone when smoke can be seen coming out of the unit. All of an unexpected, the phone explodes and the singer falls out from the chair and onto the ground. The chair topples over and you could still see smoke rising from the phone, which is no longer in the body.

It’s not yet clear if the video is in fact real or if this is some sort of prank. All of us hope that Cee Lo is okay and will update with any facts that are released! A video demonstrating reconnaissance video footage of a man similitude to the vocalist and past he Voice mentor turned into a web sensation Saturday. Inside the clasp, the man rests in a recording studio room and chats on his telephone. After that it explodes, ina blinding the vision blast, and the individual tumbles off his lounge chair and onto the floor. 

CeeLo hasn’t remarked and the video’s realness has not been affirmed. Furthermore it is vague when it was recorded. However the clasp still prodded fans, and in addition individual R&B star Omarionto post messages of matter on Twitter. “@CeeLoGreen Sooo manyyyy petitions and light to you brother!!!! My companion and i [pray] in all probability hearing is alright!!! inch he composed. 

The online video additionally prodded “Samsung” to drift on Twitter. The organization had not long ago reviewed its Galaxy Note 7 cell phones and for all time ended generation of the gadgets out of wellbeing concerns, taking after investigations of them detonating and bursting into flames. 

The Twits incline started crisp discusses the debate. “In what capacity can Elon Muskmake an auto that drives itself, however Samsung can’t make a telephone that will not explode in the face?” Rob Lowe tweeted.

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