These Celebrities Have Kids Who Are Hotter Than They Ever Were

19. Kea Ho

Kea Ho is the daughter of Hawaiian singer Don Ho. Kea’s incredibly exotic look has definitely contributed to the desire of casting directors to put her in notable roles. She killed it as Xiomara in URGE with Pierce Brosnan and was personally selected by Robert Rodriguez for the sequel to Sin City.

18. Jack Brinkley-Cook

Jack is the son of one of the most stunningly gorgeous (and every other adjective you can think of) models in history, Christie Brinkley. Jack and his sister Sailor are trying their best to break into the modeling industry to start careers of their own, but admit it’s tough when your mother has already mastered the craft.

17. Bria Murphy

Bria Murphy is the daughter of notorious actor and comedian Eddie Murphy. Even though her amazing looks could easily lead to a modeling career, Bria has chosen to focus on her art. She debuted her work at an art show in November of 2016 to which Eddie commented, “I’m having all of those proud parent feelings.”

16. Rafferty Law

The son of Jude Law took what he received of his father’s looks and decided to pursue a modeling career. In the three short years since he launched his ambitious endeavor, he has come a long way. Law kicked off 2017 with a bang and was chosen to model Tommy Hilfiger’s new collection in Florence, Italy.

15. Rosanna Davison

Rosanna is the daughter of musician Chris de Burgh, for whom he wrote the hit “For Rosanna” on the album Into the Light. Rosanna’s beauty earned her the title of Miss World 2003. The model has also acted in several Irish films and was voted 2nd most “desirable Valentines” in 2012 in an Irish poll.

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