Confirmed: Meghan Trainor and Daryl Sabara Are A Thing

Every rumor has its truth or lie, and when it comes to a relationship gossip, there is always a satisfying outcome in the long run. That was the case of Daryl Sabara, 24 and Meghan Trainor, 22. The two had been rumored to be in a relationship, only for them to come out of the hiding place and show their love for everyone to see. 

Apparently, Daryl has changed a lot, especially compared to the cute kid he was in the 2001 movie Spy Kids. So he really isn’t new to the entertainment world. On the other hand, Meghan Trainor is a singer popularly known for her hit song, NO. 

The two were spotted in LA airport when holding hands as they were headed to Dallas, Texas. It is not clear why they were taking a flight to Dallas. 

Social Media Confirmation 

For quite some time, the NO hit singer and Spy Kid Hero have been expressing their feelings on the social media. On October 14 this year, Meghan posted a sweet selfie with his beau and captioned it with suggestive words. On the post, Meghan quoted that she loved Madrid, and {this guy}, who happened to be Daryl. 

During that time, Meghan was on her tour, and it is believed the Spy Kid actor joined her for the tour. Meghan couldn’t resist showing the social media community how lovely they look with the actor. After showing her excitement for completing the tour successfully, she went on to thank Daryl for being so amazing, so she said. 

Daryl has also posted a photo of the two facing each other in a romantic pose as they sat in an empty stadium. They are really enjoying time together.

Even though rumors of them having a thing had spread across the social media, it is not certain when they officially started dating. But who cares about that? Besides, they might end up spilling the beans themselves in case they celebrate their first anniversary. If that! 

Seeing is Believing 

Yes, the two made their relationship official on Instagram, but they were not spotted together in public as such. However, on Tuesday, November 29, they looked like a real couple walking through the LAX airport hand-in-hand. Meghan was also holding tight to her bright orange stuffed shark as they both had sunglasses to prevent their eyes from the Paparazzi’s camera flashes. 

So it’s confirmed, no photo-shop possibilities; the two are dating, but how long will they last? Only time will tell. Besides, they are still young, and just made their relationship official a few weeks ago. All in all, good luck to them.