Confirmed: The Breakfast Club Actor Charged!

It has become a trend for celebrities and socialites to be involved in court cases for all the wrong reasons. Some of the stars have been involved in illegal activities such as public misconduct, violence or even selling illegal drugs. The most recent case is the Anthony Micheal Hall, the 80’s breakfast club movie star. The forty-eight-year-old star was also known for his role in another movie known as Sixteen Candles’. Criminal Behavioranthony-michael-hall

In September this year, Micheal was involved in a violent act against his neighbor, A Mr. Samson. This happened in his condo in West Hollywood. Then, Mr. Hall was arrested for causing a disturbance in the complex but was later released on bail.

It was reported that the altercation ensued when the neighbor opened a gate, but Mr. Hall kept yelling at him to close his gate. This escalated to the point where it resulted in a physical confrontation between the two which left the neighbor with a broken wrist and back injuries.

The Los Angeles county district Attorney confirmed that Mr. Hall was charged with felony and battery. With these charges, he might be facing up to seven years in prison. In addition to that, this is up from the four maximum he was facing due to some undisclosed circumstances. The charge is supported by a videotape that allegedly captured all the proceeding of the altercation.

It is rumored that this is not the first time Mr. Micheal is involved in a neighborhood disturbance issues. In 2011, when living in Southern California, it is alleged that he was yelled at another neighbor due to some unclear circumstances. According to some sources, Mr, Hall was banging on the neighbor’s challenging him to fight. This claim makes the Mid-September appears as not a lone event, but the case of a man who might have anger issues.


So far, the arraignment date has not yet been set. As the story unfolds, we might see the case imprisonment of a man who once was a favorite of most people who watched his acts. This makes one wonder how these celebrities are well versed to cope with stress and the pressure that comes with being in the public dominion. It is not the first case and for sure will not be the last we see of a celebrity who is ill-equipped to handle anger thereby resulting to violence.

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