Dakota Mayer and Bristol Palin Announce Pregnancy with New Baby Girl

Reality star Bristol Palin has excited fans with the recent announcement that she and husband Dakota Mayer are expecting a new baby girl.

Palin met Dakota Mayer while filming for Amazing America, this was back in 2014, and the couple already have a first child, born in December 2015. The announcement was similar to many other celebrities in this era, with an announcement on the social media site Instagram. The couple shared a picture of the two staring into each other’s eyes, holding a simple sign that stated; “It’s a girl!”.

While the news comes as quite a surprise, it is on happier terms than her previous pregnancy announcement. A whirlwind relationship and a rocky engagement period outshone Palin’s previous pregnancy. Now with a more stable family life, it looks like things are starting to settle down for the couple.

Bristol Palin is the daughter of Sarah Palin, the current Governor of Alaska, and once US Vice Presidential hopeful. She is from a family of five children, and is the second oldest, as we as the oldest daughter. While her mother is famous for her politics, Bristol has made her fame as a reality television personality and public speaker. She has also written a memoir, which was released back in 2011.

Palin has previously caused some controversy in the media and within her family. In the past she has tried to present a clean family image, has campaigned against teenage pregnancy, and has even been an advocate of abstinence. The values that she has publicly portrayed have sometimes been in conflict with her personal life, especially when she became pregnant with her first child to previous partner Levi Johnston. The couple were unmarried, and received some pressure to do so. Much of this pressure came because the McCain-Palin political campaign was in full swing at the time, and advisors thought the pregnancy out of wedlock might be damaging to the John McCain and Sarah Palin presidential ticket.

Palin’s representative spoke to E! News about her latest pregnancy, stating that the family were “extremely happy and looking forward to the blessed event”.