David Beckham Helps an Elderly Woman Outside His London Home

We always knew that David Beckham was a good guy, and now there is proof.

It appears that he has more than just good looks and awesome athletic abilities. He is also a good Samaritan who knows how to help out elderly ladies in distress.

Others may not have stopped to help this elderly lady, but David Beckham recently helped an elderly woman who fell and hit her head in London. He is truly a good person at heart.

The accident happened near David Beckham’s Kensington mansion. A crowd gathered around the woman, but he still got through all of the onlookers to give the woman a bottle of cold water.

While waiting for the ambulance to come, David did a very smart and helpful thing. He positioned his own car so that it blocked the elderly women from car traffic. This was a very nice thing to do, and it made Beckham appear even more dreamy than ever.

Who doesn’t like a person who is willing to help others during their time of need, especially if it’s a hurt elderly woman?

According to a spokesperson with the London fire brigade on Friday, someone flagged them down because an elderly woman had tripped, fallen down and hit her head on the street pavement.

The spokesperson went on to say that David Beckham was at the location and had already given the woman bottled water. Since his car was also on site, he used it to block on-coming traffic. He stayed on the scene until the ambulance arrived.

Now, some might think that this is a little thing. But how many people do you know who would have helped this elderly lady? Plenty of people would have just walked away, but not David Beckham. What a true hero.