Demi Lovato Makes Lighthearted Jokes About Her Selfie with a Baby Elephant

Demi Lovato has struggled with her weight for years. She has constantly been the butt of jokes for her ever changing physique and at only 24, she is still learning how to handle the negativity that stems from being a high profile star. So when she went to Africa and visited Kenya, she opted to take a picture of herself with the baby elephants.

The “Confident” singer decided to take her own advice and posed with the elephants with the trunk of the animal on her shoulder. While their faces touched. She then simply wrote, “Caption this. Wait actually…don’t.”

This lighthearted joke is one that definitely shows she is becoming more at ease with herself. Of course, the Kenya trip proved to be a success for her. But it isn’t her first time going to the country. In 2013 she did a 10 day visit to help with the Me to We and Free the Children organizations. This is a chance for her to utilize her celebrity status to do something good for the world.

In 2013, when she turned 21 on her Kenyan trip, she was given a goat as a present from a local tribe. This incredible honor was one she graciously thanked the tribe for offering her, and she gave it to a family in need after naming the goat, “Billy”.

There is no denying that Demi is one of the most genuine individuals in the music industry. With a kind heart, and a beautiful personality. Here is hoping that she continues to inspire others to help those in need around the world. All while delivering some more of the classic hit songs that have helped to propel her to superstar status like “Cool for the Summer”, “Skyscraper”, and “Did You Forget”.

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