Hough ditches Dancing with the Stars for a new gig

After a long time with ‘Dancing with the Stars’, Derek Hough is fixing to call time on his tenure with one of the most popular dancing shows in the history of American television. A few months ago, it was believed that the accomplished judge, song writer and dancer would be taking a break from the spotlight for a couple of months but recent developments have put paid to that kind of speculation. Hough is not really taking a hiatus; he is actually crossing over to the other side, where he is set to be involved in Jennifer Lopez’s new show, ‘World of Dance’. It is now understood that the highly observant dance instructor will be immersed in the new project alongside Lopez and Ne-Yo, the latter being a highly accomplished dancer in his own right.

It was actually Hough that came out with the revelations first. Blogging for TVGuide.com, the Hollywood favorite indicated that he was not sure that he would be returning for the 24th edition of Dancing with the Stars, explaining that there was a lot going on, and that there were projects in the happening that were simply too good to turn down. Now the speculation has died down and the cold reality is that we will need to move on from our infatuation with Hough’s presence in the dance competition.

Meredith Ahr, one of the chief executives expected to spearhead the new competition, has nothing but glowing appraisal for the three famous celebrities expected to judge the new show when it is rolled out next year. She says that the trio is one of the most talented out there, and that the experience of each of the three individuals will help in pointing the competition’s elite dancers in the right direction. Ahr is incredibly proud that the group wants to give it all back to the dance industry.

‘World of Dance’ will be a dance competition of its kind. Participants will be divided into 3 groups, each belonging to a specific age class. Groups or solo acts in each classification will fight it out until a winner is arrived at. The winner in each division will come up against their opposites , and the three will need to crunch it out to decide who leaves the stage a million dollars richer.

You might remember that Jennifer Lopez was a backup dancer for ‘In Living Color’ back in the day. She also has some previous judging experience, having worked with others at ‘American Idol’.