The Disturbing New Bedroom Trend You Need to Know About

An upsetting new bedroom trend dubbed by The New York Post as “The New Dangerous Sex Trend” is rapidly spreading across the nation.  It’s called “stealthing” and it involves the nonconsensual condom removal by men before or during sex. In some cases, the men sometimes brag about it afterward online.

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According to a new report in Columbia Journal of Gender and Law, “stealthing” is only growing in popularity.  Lead author Alexandra Brodsky believes we should consider it as a form of sexual assault.

The study also pointed to online forums where men often brag about removing a condom during sex or offer advice on how to get away with it. Some of the men in the forum have even suggested it’s their right to, “spread one’s seed”.  In one particular forum, there is even a how-to guide displayed.

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And here’s the most disturbing part, currently, in the U.S., “stealthing” is considered legal because it doesn’t fit our formal and legal definition of rape.  Although this isn’t true in other countries- in 2016, a man in Switzerland was convicted of rape for the same offense.  Hopefully, the U.S. will soon follow suit.

The intended purpose of Brodsky’s study is to inspire states to rethink their sexual assault laws.  “Stealthing” should be categorized not only as sexual assault but also gender-based violence because the protections offered by condom use—preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections—form at least part of the argument for asserting new legal statutes.

In Brodsky’s research, women describe “stealthing” as a “threat to their bodily agency and a dignitary harm.”  None of the women in Brodsky’s study have pressed charges against their assailants, but if they chose to pursue justice, they should have a sound basis.

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