Drake Bell and Josh Peck Squashed Their Beef at the VMA’s

This year’s MTV Video Music Awards seemed to have an underlying theme: celebrity feuds. Between Taylor Swift vs. Kanye West, Fifth Harmony vs. Camila Cabello, and Kanye West vs. Jay Z, there was a lot of “bad blood” in one place (excuse the T Swift pun)

All the 90’s kids remember the very public friendship breakup between Nickelodeon’s Drake Bell and Josh Peck.  The Drake and Josh stars had a big falling out and ended their friendship when Drake wasn’t invited to Josh’s wedding.  Drake took to Twitter to air out his wounded feelings, even though he now admits that it was probably not the best place to air his grievances.

These two have been feuding for a long time- and have made no plans to reconnect- even after Drake admitted that he regretted those tweets.

But the good news is that the former teen stars reconnected right before Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards started.

Both fellas showed up at the show seperately, with outfits true to their personality.  Josh showed up rocking layed-back style in a light pink short-sleeved button-up with a cool print.

Drake opted for a classic black suit with metal embellishments on the lapel.

According to sources, and the guys’ Instagram pages, the two made up behind the scenes right before the awards show began. They each posted matching Instagram posts with the caption, “Hug me…”

The internet was both pleased and emotional about this reunion

We just hope that other pop-culture feuds end as happily as this one- and who knows? Maybe this will lead to a Drake and Josh reunion show! C’mon Nickelodeon, make it happen!

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