Drake Is Falling for Jennifer Lopez – Had A Crush On Her Since Childhood

Relationships can be misleading, like what’s happening between Jennifer Lopez and Drake. While Jennifer is casual about her relationship with Drake, the rapper seems to be infatuated by J.Lo, his childhood crush.

According to E! News’s source, Drake has fallen head over heels for J. Lo. Lopez was Drake’s crush in his formative years, and Drake considers it really cool that it’s finally turning into a reality as he really likes her.

The source also states that the couple joke around and enjoy themselves, and get along without any squabbles despite the age gap as he had always preferred older women. With J.Lo’s soft corner for younger men, it gives an edge to the couple compatibility.

The source also maintains that both are taking their relationship slowly, but there is always the possibility of something brewing between them. The informant states that Drake treats J.Lo well, like a queen and that he appreciates her attitude and work and family principles. Drake hadn’t had any lady in his life since Rihanna and he was always on the lookout for a fulfilling and compatible liaison.

In the meantime, Jenny and Drizzy are making waves as one of the most loved pairs in Hollywood. The couple has been caught together on many occasions and was recently spotted on New Year’s Eve at Drake’s show at Hakkasan Las Vegas nightclub which J.Lo had also attended as Lopez’s own New Year Eve’s gig at Miami’s E11 nightclub was cancelled.

While Drake hadn’t openly shouted out anything to his girl during his 40 minute performance, he did sing some other tracks besides Views like ‘Hotline Bling’, ‘Fake Love’ and ‘Energy’. It was while singing a duet with RiRi that he had cut the song short to announce that that was 2016’s vibe, and that they had to sacrifice it for his new music.

Drake and Lopez haven’t declared their relationship status. In fact, another informant recently told E! News that though J. Lo enjoys the time spent with Drizzy, she doesn’t consider him boyfriend material, and that she’s just enjoying his company!