Drunk Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett Nearly Fights in an Airplane

WE tv's "Marriage Bootcamp Reality Stars'" Premiere Party Featuring: Kendra Wilkinson Where: West Hollywood, California, United States When: 29 May 2015 Credit: FayesVision/WENN.com

It was on the flight back to Los Angeles from Los Vegas on Tuesday that the reality star Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett had more amusement on her flight than anticipated! She revealed to the paparazzi that she had nearly got herself into a fight on the flight.

According to the TMZ footage, Kendra and her woman friend were having tequila shots. Kendra recites in the video that she had nearly started fighting with a woman on the plane while returning from Vegas. She said that the flight was 45 minutes long, and that they were a bit intoxicated. She then said that a woman, who was an old maid f—king bitch, had told them that ‘They could hear them loud enough’.

The woman had said this because Kendra and her partner, who were sitting in the front of the flight, were acting a bit rowdy for comfort. This lead to the anonymous woman at the back shout out to Kendra and her friend to quiet down.

Kendra said that she and her friend were just relaxing with a few drinks on the plane, and that the woman at the back was jealous about this as she couldn’t have fun with them. The Kendra on Top star had luckily walked away from the incident uninjured, but was annoyed. While luckily no one ended up getting kicked off the flight, some other famous people were not so lucky!

James Kennedy, the Vanderpump Rules star ended up getting kicked off a flight in summer for being too drunk. He and his co-star LaLa Kent had started shouting at each other at the airport and just before their Los Angeles’s flight gate closed, an airline worker had told him that he couldn’t board the plane as he was too intoxicated.

Some other famous personnel who ended up kicked off their flights are David Hasselhoff, Christian Slater, Josh Duhamel and Naomi Campbell.

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