Are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the Move?

Word on the grape vine is that Prince William and Kate Middleton are fixing to change residences as soon as the new year comes in. It is said that they are moving from their current place, Anmer Hall, located in Norfolk, and heading out to Kensington Place, which is located away in London. Since the couple got Prince George a few years ago, they have always wanted him to go to school in London, and hoped to stay close to him when he started schooling. Now the adorable little boy is 3 years old, and time seems about right to start packing those bags.

According to sources, the family is thinking about sending George to Wetherby, which is a boys-only school known for its elite standing. It is also on the radar for the sheer number of people coming out of its system that were linked to the royal family. In fact, Prince William is said to have been pulled in because his own father studied over there. It is also understood that another member of the extended family, Prince Harry went to school at Wetherby as well. Seems like a little more than proud family tradition. Kate and William are also said to be considering a slew of other options if this one does not work out fine.

At the moment, little George is at nursery school in the Norfolk area. He goes to school every day, and that is just a little over 10 miles from his loving family. William and Cate love their privacy, which is why they are said to have balked at the thought of sharing the extended family estate given to them by the Queen upon their wedding a little over 5 years ago. The queen did understand that William is one of those people who want to keep the media away, so it was not an issue at all; the young couple was given free rein to do as they pleased.

Now, it seems that the move to London is inevitable. The couple has to sort of find a way to live a normal life despite all the drama London is known for. Sources indicate that while this may be a little bit of an issue, Kate and William are strong headed and will go to any lengths to make sure that their son goes to school like any other kid and is given the space required to develop within the confines of the outside world.

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