Ed Sheeran All Right After Sword Mishap!

You may know the famous singer and equally famous ginger Ed Sheeran, but did you know that he’s also one lucky guy?

The entertainer has been on a bit of a hiatus during the year 2016 after being all over the charts the former year, but the singer didn’t want to end the year without a decent performance, so he stopped by the East Anglian Children’s Hospices in order to give them a proper show.

Sheeran has been taking some time to himself in place of performing, spending time with pals and actually traveling the globe quite a bit. However, he generously took some time to stop by the annual gala at the Children’s Hospices and provide some lucky 350 guests with his presence, singing, and oh yes, stories about how he recently had an encounter with a sword. 

The East Anglian Children’s Hospices gala was Sheeran’s first official performance of the year at the Natural History Museum in London. Sheeran rose to the occasion and gave the audience a 40-minute acoustic set that included “I See Fire” and “Thinking Out Loud”.

He talked to the crowd at the gala and interestingly enough finally addressed what had happened with that sword and ‘that incident’ with his good friend, Princess Beatrice. Yes, Ed Sheeran is friends with royalty– what do you want?

Sheeran told his audience that it was “nice to be back” as he had the whole year off and went to Japan for a month. He joked with the crowd that he had gone to Japan and hung out with the people– and also happened to get his face sliced open. Sheeran kidded, “anyone read about that?”. 

The news had already broke of Ed’s most recent injury, which could have been a lot worse than it actually turned out. Things will happen when you party, and Sheeran was spending time with friends that included Princess Beatrice. The pair were hanging out when Princess Beatrice got the idea to knight Ed Sheeran. She lifted up the heavy sword but managed to bungle it– slicing gently into Sheeran’s cheek! Ed was a good sport, but he also had to go to the hospital as a result of the incident and get stitches to fix it!

However, being out in public with a stitched cut on his cheek wasn’t going to stop Ed from performing. The only show he has done in 2016 so far helped raise the profile of care that the charity provides to young people and children, according to chief exec of EACH, Graham Butland. The money will go to a new hospice site with more outdoor space, a music studio, and a hydrotherapy roof. A show and some great results to go with it… it’s clear that Sheeran’s encounter with a sword has not stopped him from getting out there and doing things for others. 

It appears Sheeran was lucky the sword didn’t swing the wrong way– and we’re all lucky for having him alive, well, and continuing to do good work. Cheers, Ed!

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