Ed Sheeran Says He Lost 50 Pounds By Cutting Out This One Thing From His Diet

After a long and adventurous year’s interval, Ed Sheeran is back, but with some unwanted bodily changes. The English singer disclosed during a Breakfast Club morning interview that only sweatpants fit him now as his size had doubled, and that everything else hadn’t shrunk after washing.

Sheeran had never expected to gain so much during his break. This was what made him decide to stop the one thing in his diet responsible for his 50 pound weight gain, which he said was beer.

He has started drinking beer now as he’s back in routine and fine with it; but he had not drunk beer for some time and had also stared exercising. He never did realize how much calories he always burnt performing on stage, till he gained so much weight during his hiatus.

Sheeran returned which is new album ‘Divide’ in 2016, after his famous year long travel hiatus, filled with lots of adventure stories to exclusively share. Sheeran and his ladylove had been globetrotting, enjoying the places he had always wished to visit.

He said they’d been to Japan but it was more of a Tokyo hotel room visit to them. He also said that he had spent a wonderful month exploring in Ghana, which he always wanted to do. He’d next spent a fortnight in Iceland and he had visited Australian spots he had always wanted to go because the only thing he usually saw while on tours was the hotel room, venue and bar, but not the country.

He did much more than visiting sites on his trips. He had revealed in a previous interview that he had gone swimming in waters alongside bull sharks, white-water rafting, and bungee jumping and even touched boiling hot spring water with his foot.

He was also daring enough to take a plunge standing strapped to director Peter Jackson’s war plane front which he flew around. the year definitely looked exciting to Sheeran, and we enjoy having him back!

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