Ed Sheeran’s in Love and Wants to be a Father

Ed Sheeran is ready to become a responsible dad.

Ed was interviewed by Zane Lowe of Beats 1/Apple Music, and he opened up and said that that he’s ready to jump into the role of being a father.

How did Zane and Ed get on the topic of fatherhood? They talked about the tunnel that leads from Sheeran’s personal pub to his house. Ed explained that the tunnel exists because he wants to keep his house parties separate from his home. Thus, when he drinks and has elaborate parties, he doesn’t want to expose this type of behavior to his kids in the future.

Thus, Zane had to ask if Ed wants to be a father. He replied that he’s wanted to be a father for a long time.

When is this blessed event taking place? Ed and his high school friend have dated for many years. He wants to have children and focus on being a father once the children reach school age. He says that Bruce Springsteen did the same thing and that he plans to take his lead.

Ed still plans to keep the pub running once he becomes a father. He wants he and his future wife to take turns running the pub and getting drunk.

Future Wife? Does Ed think that his high school friend, Cherry is Miss Right? He hasn’t made any commitments yet. But he says he’s fallen in love with her in a proper manner. “This has been the first time I’ve actually had the time to fall in love properly,” he says.

The couple took a year off from their jobs just to hang out and properly fall in love. Ed says that they’ve only been apart from each other three days within the last year, and that he is extremely happy. He is very comfortable around Cherry, and she provides plenty of inspiration.