Emma Stone Guilty of Co-Star

With so much gossip in Hollywood, so many tabloids, and so many false rumors and stories to weed through, it is quite difficult to know which ones are true and which stories floating around out there are false. So, when it came to the story surrounding co-stars Jennif
er Lawrence and Emma Stone, of course inquiring minds really wondered if the “jealousy” issue was something that truly affected Emma Stone prior to working with Lawrence. 

And the answer was, yes.In fact, Emma Stone actually did confirm that she was jealous of co-star Jennifer Lawrence in a piece she did for an up and coming Vanity Fair issue, which she described the jealousy she felt prior to working with and becoming friends with Lawrence. However this jealousy only lasted for a short period of time, prior to the two co-stars actually becoming friends during their upcoming film together. In a Vanity Fair story, Emma Stone was quoted in a cover story as saying: “Lawrence was so vibrant, talented, and a great actress.” She followed by stating that these great talents Lawrence brought to the table, would negatively impact her own career moving forward.

In Stone’s cover piece for the magazine she followed these statements and remembered that both actresses were in fact quite different and brought different talents to the table. Even if the industry doesn’t initially support the idea that there is room for everyone to make an impact and excel, she quickly realized this the closer she became with Lawrence, and the more the two stars worked
together. In such a competitive industry, the idea that two stars, of similar age, appearance, and character traits, might not be what the industry is looking for; however, Stone did admit that she eventually learned there was room for both actresses in the industry, and both have gone on to star in spectacular roles, and excel in the industry in their own unique ways. 

So, what does Emma Stone have to say about Jennifer today? In the Vanity Fair piece she was quoted as saying “Today we really do love one another. and care abo
ut each other as people.” She goes on to say that even if both women were not in the same industry, she believes they would become friends if they had met under different circumstances. And that even if both women weren’t vying for similar roles and working in the film industry, they would be able to get along just fine as friends.emma-stone2

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