Are Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling the Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio of This Award Season?

Envision it is February 28, 2016. The 88th Annual Academy Awards. Brie Larson has brought home an Oscar for her burning execution in Room. The hauntingly depressing Amy has won Best Documentary. Alejandro Gonzalez the most elevated respect for chiefs. And after that, all of a sudden, the mind-set changes.

It’s an ideal opportunity to report the champ for Best Actor; that prize that Leonardo Di Caprioh as been desiring from far off for quite a long time, sufficiently close to have the capacity to taste triumph, yet every time discovering it maddeningly, marginally, beyond his control. This part is history, obviously, and our man at last did it. The Dolby Theater ejected in deafening commendation and the group of onlookers bounced to their feet so rapidly that individuals could have sworn it made a breeze.

What’s more, there, amidst it all, among the cheering and the applauding and the confetti of course there was confetti was Kate Winslet with a look all over that said it all: The most genuine and purest type of Hollywood companionship, two celebrity lane BFFs who were getting a charge out of that finest, most flavorful sort of acknowledgment.

Also, now here we are in 2017.

It’s been a waste dump of a year. Truth be told, one might say that the minute amongst Kate and Leo was the last time we on the whole felt joy. In any case, that is the excellence of honor season: Every January we are offered the chance to begin new. To be moved by new movies, to find new ability and to discover considerably more reasons we wish were a big name. Society couldn’t have required an alluring, energizing and inspiring begin to honor season more this time around, and the Golden Globes conveyed bigly.

They gave us a shiny new Kate and Leo.

Confronted with the possibility of a Golden Globes without their extremely uncommon sort of non-romantic relationship, and with no activity from either DiCaprio or Winslet by any means, none other thanEmma StoneandRyan Goslingstepped up to the plate. What’s more, here at E! News, we have each motivation to trust that they are, truth be told, Hollywood’s new most loved combine.

The likenesses between the two non-couple-couples run profound. Much the same as Winslet, Stone had been in a few acclaimed movies before she went up against her part inCrazy, Stupid Love(Easy AandSuperbadamong them), however it was the suitably named romantic comedy that was genuinely her first enormous blockbuster and truly put her on the guide, star-wise. Viewers became hopelessly enamored with her idiosyncratic comical inclination and, similarly as significantly, her electric science with onscreen adore enthusiasm Gosling. (Sound commonplace, Rose-and-Jack stans?)

This flick was the first occasion when we were acquainted with exactly the amount Emma and Ryan exemplified #CoupleGoals, and each time they’ve been rehash costars from that point forward fans harken back to this achievement execution. Kate and Leo had their gathering in 2008’sRevolutionary Road, and GoStone (we’re chipping away at the name, alright?) could share screen time again inGangster Squadbefore the now-infamousLa La Land.

On the off chance that you saw bothCrazy, Stupid LoveandLa La Landand didn’t end up encountering a surge of nostalgic sentiments, then you’re most likely dead inside. TheDamien Chazelle-coordinated melodic was enchanted for some reasons (the clearing visuals of Los Angeles, the tribute to innovative visionaries all over, the tap moving), however boss among those qualities was that tingly small feeling the group of onlookers got inside realizing that Emma and Ryan were back together and everything was, practically, appropriate on the planet once more.

The likenesses don’t stop there, obviously. Both arrangements of BFFs are continually discussing and lauding each other in the media. Consistent with their individual identities, Emma and Ryan tend to take things to more of a comical place. Like the time that Emma told E! News that Ryan ought to most likely get a controlling request against her, by virtue of the quantity of times they’ve cooperated. On the other hand when Ryan let us know that he and Emma can help each other so much when they cooperate in light of the fact that they know each other so well.

And after that there was the previous evening. Gracious, the previous evening. It was a blessing from heaven for Emma, Ryan, and any individual who feels even a modest piece of trust from their fellowship.

It began when they won their honors and, well, one needn’t bother with significantly more verification than the above photograph. In the event that a photo can state 1,000 words, then they would all be the heart-eye Emoji. Truly, the reverence and feeling of pride these two have for each other is off the diagrams.

The relationship cut great antiquated rib-fest proceeded at the E! after gathering, while, amid a break from praising each other on their achievements, Emma just couldn’t avoid a chance to try Ryan’s charged Spanx-wearing.

Be that as it may, the best news of all? This is just the absolute starting point of honor season. That implies we have no less than three more shows in which to stare at this fellowship. All of a sudden 2017 is looking a considerable measure brighter.