Epilogue to The Bachelorette: Ashley Herbert & J.P Rosenbaum on Romance and Therapy

Saying yes to The Bachelorette was a special opportunity to find someone special – but in the case of Ashley Herbert and J.P Rosenbaum, they finally found their special someone in each other’s arms. After more than five years from their fairy tale like engagement, they are still happily married with two beautiful children.

Because of this, fans can’t help but wonder how they made their relationship last. Ashley revealed to E! News the secret that gave their relationship a great start: they both knew what they wanted when they came to the show. They weren’t looking for fame or anything else but only at the possibility of a relationship. Also, she added that they both had similar priorities and that they both wanted to meet someone then go back to their real lives.

In the new season of Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars, witness how their marriage is as real as any other relationship and how life as a couple is not an easy road to pave. Witness how these two attempt to strengthen their relationship by resolving issues that other couples can relate to.

Throughout the season, the couple will get some guidance and therapy from Dr. V and Dr. Ish, where they will be able to receive third-party counseling and a different perspective from the professionals.

The couple had never considered having therapy before as there weren’t actually any critical issues where it was needed. But after experiencing the boot camp, both J.P and Ashley confessed that there is something refreshing about seeking third-party professional advice. It’s not that they’re at the point where they need it, but seeking professional advice can catalyze change for the good in any relationship. For both Ashley and J.P, it’s not that they’re on the verge of a divorce, but it’s important to take all measures to make their relationship as strong as possible for the sake of their family.

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