Evan Peters And Emma Roberts Are Reportedly Engaged Once Again

Once again Emma Roberts got engaged with Evan Peters, her inconsistent sweetheart. In the recent times, these two individuals were spotted in the public appearing happier than before and they were also sharing kisses. According to some reliable sources, it is said that Emma Roberts wears a particular ring consistently on her finger; however, these two American Horror Story stars have not yet made any comments regarding this. Roberts is found to be holding a particular bag which reads Gobble Gobble Idiot Hookers in one Thanksgiving post and it is not even required to zoom in so as to observe the huge rock that she’s putting on – not even mentioning that Roberts even tagged her boyfriend in an Instagram post. Prior to this Thanksgiving post, Peters shared a photograph of his girlfriend going through a book having a caption which said This girl.

There were mixed reactions among the fans of this particular couple since we heard the last time regarding the couple when they were involved in a bloody fight in Canada. You must be able to recollect when Roberts was taken into custody after beating up Evan Peters and in case you are ignorant of this fact then you may read about how Peters suffered from a bloody-nosed pulp resulting from the fight.

Peter was warned by one particular commentator not to go back to Emma anymore. And another individual advised Peters to stay single. One more fan declared that he would like to see both of these individuals together.

Peter and Roberts began to date in 2012after acting in the movie Adult World. Even after the previously mentioned domestic violence, they managed to stay together and eventually got engaged; however they broke up in the year 2015 and again got united together only to break up once more in the early part of this year.

Allure Magazine was informed by Emma that her diamond ring was replaced with a gold ring which will help to remind her to always love herself and to understand what she actually is worth and then she informed the interviewer that she did not like to talk regarding the incident anymore. During her breakup with Evan Peters, this renowned actress dated Christopher Hines for a brief period of time.

Nevertheless, the couple was soon found on the roadways of New England drinking warm beverages and kissing each other. They also posed for a photograph along with a fan during Thanksgiving. In fact, this couple is simply very close to each other and it will be interesting to watch whether this engagement is going to last for a long time. Do you consider yourself to be a fan of this particular couple and if so, inform us in the your opinion section listed below.