Evan Rachel Wood Reveals Her Past Rape Incidents

American actress and musician, Evan Rachel Wood, has recently come out to state that she was raped twice by two different men in separate occasions. While this news is shocking most of her fans, others find it inspiring as they see her as an icon of beauty and inner strength. Rachel first revealed this information in a letter she wrote to Rolling Stone, and has widely been shared on the social media platform. 

This revelation came up as part of Rolling Stone’s project where they were creating a story about the actress. In the letter, Woods admits she was violated by a significant other while they were dating, and again on a separate occasion by a bar owner. This message was first shared on Twitter on November 28th by Kate herself. 

Evan, who’s now 29, says that she felt the urge not to make her encounter a sob story like most women do. It wasn’t about her alone but also the experience of other women who undergo the same thing silently. Similarly, she didn’t want people to think she was only doing it to get attention, or told by critics that it wasn’t such a big deal after all. 

Rachel admits she’d been previously reluctant to tell her story, but given the time we live in today people can’t afford to be silent any longer. At least speaking for herself silence is not an option, given the current state of world affairs where open bigotry and sexism is at its highest. 

According to Rolling Stone’s Nov 17th issue, Evan emailed her letter to the magazine soon after Donald Trump was declared president-elect of America. In the emotional write-up, Rachel says she’s still glad to be Alive. Happy. Strong. Standing but not OK. Wood also revealed to the magazine that the abuse was both physical, psychological and sexual. Revealing the extent to which it damaged her self-worth as a human being. 
However, this was many years ago and she hopes not to bring her past experiences into current life. But the actress is still adamant that nothing was her fault, and neither of these rape incidences was OK. Evan further says she tried committing suicide at one time due to the pain concealed in her heart. Rachel is just one of the many celebrity women in America who’ve undergone sexual abuse from men they trusted deeply. It was very brave of her to publicly share those experiences and help other women who are also undergoing the same kind of abuse.

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