‘Fame Can Change Things’- Proven while Aaron and Jordan Rodgers’ family speaks up about NFL Stars Detachment

It was during a New York Times interview that Ed Rodgers, the patriarch of the Rodgers family, opened up about their discord with their NFL star son, Aaron Rodgers. News about the family drama first reached pop culture fanatics when Aaron’s younger brother Jordan Rodgers was one of JoJo Fletcher’s reality show ‘The Bachelorette’ participants last year. While the reality star won the ABC series’ 12th season, he ended up making a disclosure about the family’s discord with the Green Bay Packers’ quarterback while getting acquainted with his future fiancé.

According to Ed, the experience showed that it’s enough having one in the news and that things change upon getting famous. He also affirmed that things started getting bad between Aaron and the family when Aaron started dating Olivia Munn a few months ago. He also revealed that the football player hadn’t spoken to his parents and two brothers since 2014.

Ed said it was weird having family matters made a spectacle on national television as he never was one to air public laundry. However, he did mention that it was good to have everything come out in the open.

While Aaron was quiet about the drama, it was during a recent press conference he told reporters that he didn’t think it appropriate to talk publicly about one’s family matters. Moreover, when his brother became a favorite on the reality competition show, Aaron maintained his distance about his brother’s newfound stardom by saying that he had never seen the show and that it didn’t affect him much.

While Jordan too isn’t keen on speaking publicly about Aaron’s discord, he did reveal that he had no regrets about talking about it on The Bachelorette. He also mentioned during an E! News interview that as he hadn’t seen the show before, he didn’t have any expectations, which may have been poor judgment on his part.

He said that family matters are naturally tough to deal with without a TV show. He had committed to participate and be honest with JoJo to reveal everything about himself, as they didn’t have much time off-camera and he was about to propose. He said that honesty is important and that you need to trust that she believes in who you are.

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