First Public Outing for Angelina and Brads Children Since the Filing of Divorce Papers

After few quiet months out of the limelight, Angelina Jolie is back in the public image. 41-year old Jolie, a previous Oscar winner, has kept a low profile since filing to divorce Brad Pitt back in September last year. Their six children are the subject of a hotly contested battle for custody. Ms Jolie stepped back into limelight for the first time since the well publicized split last Saturday. The venue was the Terrace of the Elephant at the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia’s Siem Reap. The occasion was the first airing of her most recent film, “They killed my father.” She was accompanied by all six of her children: Maddox, who is 15, Pax who is 13, 12 year-old Zahara, 10 year old Shiloh, and twins Knox and Vivienne who are 8 years old apiece. Maddox was adopted from an orphanage about 100 miles distant from the venue back in the year 2002. The girls (including Jolie) all wore various maxi dresses in black. The boys sported black, gray and tans suits.

Ms Jolie smiled throughout the event where she also met with the King of Cambodia (Norodom Sihamoni) at his royal dwelling. Jolie was responsible for directing and co-writing the screenplay for the Netflix original movie, which is about the horrific year Loung Ung spent as a boy soldier. The young Ung, today an author and activist, faced the Kymer Rouge during their vile campaign back in 1975. After the screening, Ms Jolie changed her attire and wore a superb fuchsia chiffon number for the ceremony paying homage to the film. She received a beautiful bouquet of blooms from the King, much to the delight of her six children who also accompanied here at the ceremony.

Joli told the reporters present that she was deeply honored to be charged with bringing this part of Cambodia’s dark history into the light. She recounted that the movie was not about dwelling of the atrocities of this black period, but was about celebrating the remarkable compassion and strength of the Cambodian people. Ms Joli went on to say that her part in the making of this film was by way of saying thank you to the country of Cambodia. Without it she said, she might have become a mother. She explained that part of her heart will remain in Cambodia and that the country was a part of her soul. Her words were followed by a brief speech from 15-year-old Maddox in which he thanked the audience for attending, saying they had finally achieved their goal in making the film. He handed over to Shiloh, adding that she too had something to express.

10-year-old Shiloh then proudly said in perfect Khmer, “My name is Shiloh and I love Cambodia.” As for Brad Pit, he didn’t leave it quite so long after the divorce announcement to put in a public appearance. He did so two months after the revelation, when he was present at the screening of “Moonlight.” He co-produced the movie which was nominated for an Oscar. He was seen shortly afterwards, attending an event for his latest move, “Allied.”

Ever the activist, Ms Jolie is clearly now back in action. She recently had an Op-Ed published in the New York Times imploring the US government not to turn their backs on foreign refugees.