Heidi Klum talks about her beach body and defends her newfound love with younger man Vito Schnabel

Whose the mystery man who has caught Heidi Klum’s attention? Heidi Klum who is best known for strutting her stuff down catwalks as a Victoria Secret’s angel and hosting the hit TV show Project Runway, is ready to come clean about her new beau Vito Schnabel. 

Schnabel is 13 years Klum’s junior but Klum couldn’t care less about what the media might have to say. Klum recently spoke out to defend her newfound love from her critics, “It’s not about age”, Klum has been quoted as saying. “We have an amazing connection. We have fun together and love each other”. So whilst some may accuse Klum of being a cougar looking for a good time, it’s far more likely that Klum, who could have her pick of men, is looking for something long term.

Who is Vito Schnabel and how did he manage to impress one of the hottest women alive? Surprisingly Schnabel isn’t a male model or a musician, like her former husband Seal. In fact, Schnabel comes across as being surprising normal. Schnabel isn’t involved in the entertainment industry and has worked as an art dealer in New York City, for the majority of his adult life.heidi-klum2-copy

Perhaps it’s Schnabel’s adventurous spirit and love of travel that impressed Klum. Klum and Schnabel frequently post loved up photos together from their international vacations. Many of which you can see on Klum’s Instagram account. However, Klum and her beau have also been hounded by the paparazzi and media outlets have released photographs of Klum sunbathing topless.

Instead of being embarrassed by the topless photos which have surfaced Klum has spoken out about her stance on nudity, “I grew up going to nude beaches with my parents, I have no problems with nudity at all. I’m very free”. However, Klum insists that she doesn’t look for attention and only sunbathes topless when she’s in a remote area such as a secluded beach. So you’re unlikely to catch Klum sunbathing topless on Waikiki or Santa Monica Beach in the near future.

Klum has also shared the lengths that paparazzi will go to get a sneaky photo. Klum revealed that paparazzi’s will stalk her to remote corners of the globe where they’ll use expensive lenses in order to take photos of private moments which she shares with Vito. Klum also revealed that if you panned out from the shots that are published of her frolicking on a beach, you’d see that there wasn’t another soul around and that she wasn’t engaging in PDA on a public beach. 

Heidi Klum’s message is clear she’s confident in her own skin and won’t kick up a fuss about topless photos which are published of her but she doesn’t approve of the lengths paparazzi will go to, to get a cheap shot of her Vito.

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