First Ever Comments from Angelina Jolie on the Subject of Divorcing Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie was close to tears as she talked about divorcing Brad Pitt. This was the first time she aired her thoughts since the split back in September last year.

BBC World News broadcast the sit-down interview last Sunday. The Oscar-winning actress and human rights campaigner talked about the rough ride her family has been subjected to over recent months since the break-up first became sensationalist news.

Jolie, was who was clearly upset during the interview, admitted what a difficult time they had been through but didn’t want to expound further on it. She adamantly stated that they were a family and nothing can change that. She said they would navigate the stormy waters and that in the end, their family bond would be even stronger.

Their six children accompanied Ms. Jolie at the premiere of her new film “First they killed my father.” The premier took place in Cambodia. It marked Angelina Jolie’s first public appearance since the announcement of the divorce.

During the interview, she was asked how she was managing with the divorce proceedings. She stoically replied that they weren’t the first family to find themselves in this type of situation and said that it had been a rough ride for the family.

Ms. Jolie said that she was concentrating on her children and that she was strongly focused on steering her way through the storm. She said her main effort was to see her family come through and strengthen their bond as a result.

After what Ms. Jolie said has been a challenging time, she is taking things one day at a time, and dealing with any issues as and when they arise. She explained that at this point in time she is enjoying great support from friends, family, and fans.

Ms. Jolie went on to say that she is enjoying everyday family life involving children, two dogs, and two hamsters. She said that when she wakes up in the morning it’s a case of figuring out who is taking the dog for a walk, who is on pancake duty, and, oh yes – has everyone brushed their teeth?

Looking forward, Ms. Jolie said she intends to be globe-trotting, seeing her children. She said that right now she wants to be seen doing the right things, and bringing her children up well, to enable them to attain their personal goals in an as near perfect world as is possible.

Her focus was on showing her offspring the real world; not through the rose tinted lenses of Hollywood or a film star’s luxury lifestyle – the really, real world. Her aim is to guide her children toward growing into well-rounded adults.

As for Mr. Pitt, he made his first public appearance just two months after the divorce announcement when he attended the screening of “Moonlight;” the film he co-produced and that subsequently got nominated for an Oscar. He also recently attended an event related to his latest movie, “Allied.”