Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma are an Item!

Hilary Duff sure knows how to get over heartbreak!

The popular actress just divorced her husband, Mike Comrie, but she quickly found another love interest, Jason Walsh. Unfortunately, it was just a temporary replacement. She and Jason started dating in October, and the relationship is already over.

But Hilary isn’t shedding any tears because she’s since moved on to another love interest. Yesterday, she and Matthew Koma were seen on a coffee date in Century City, California.

Who is Matthew Koma? He is a 29-year old solo artist with about 146,000 Twitter followers. Although he has two EPs under his belt, the last one was released almost four years ago. Possibly too long of a gap in creativity?

Although Koma has failed to release his debut album, he’s writing songs for others. The Knocks recorded an ode to Taylor Swift that was written by Koma. The song had lyrics such as “a boss and so legit,” which makes us wonder a bit.

Now, we are not saying that Koma’s using Duff to get his career on track, but we hope that she’s smart enough to see the signs and tread lightly.

Duff has been in Hollywood for a long time, and hopefully she can tell when someone’s trying to use her. Is the relationship serious at this point? Who knows, but everyone who saw them on the date says they weren’t hiding anything.

Also, no one can say if there was any heavy kissing and cuddling during the date.

The ironic thing is that when Hillary talks about her love life, she says that she is a loner who loves being single.

According to Hilary, “I’ve never been a good dater. I meet, like, one person a year that I’m attracted to. I never want to be that girl who’s desperate to find a mate.”

So, is Matt her new mate for 2017?