Judgment And Wrath
by Matt Hilton
(HarperCollins, $24.99, GV) ISBN 978-0-06-171813-7
Dead Men's Dust by Matt Hilton was a very good debut novel. Judgment and Wrath is even better. Hilton has improved his character development and the story itself flows much better.

The real protagonist of this novel is Jean-Paul St. Pierre who is the psychopathic killer who murdered his mother when he was eight years old and who later took the name of Dantalion – one of the fallen angels cast out of heaven by Gabriel. Dantalion, the ultimate villain both physically and mentally, has a severe case of vitiligo leaving him with chalky white skin and hair as well as very white retinas of his eyes. Dantalion is the embodiment of pure evil, a vicious villain.

Joe Hunter, the former British Special Forces agent and counterterrorist, has recovered from the serious injuries inflicted by his former adversary, Tubal Cain, while saving his brother. Hunter has the rare combination of intelligence, experience and toughness it takes to track down Dantalion. Joe and his friend Jarred Rington, another former counterrorist who is now a private eye in Tampa, are hired by Richard Dean, ostensibly to save his eighteen year old daughter Marianne from the abusive billionaire Bradley Jorgenson.

Hunter rents a house next-door to Jorgenson on posh Baker Island off of South Beach with the intent of spiriting Marianne away. However, Dantalion, who works as a hit-man, is there to kill Jorgenson at the request of his cousin Petre. Bradley wants to stop the production of vaccines for the military which have resulted in the illness of many of the soldiers who have returned home. Petre does not want to stop the flow of these vaccines or the billions in revenue they produce.

Hunter intercedes and, in the first of several action-filled confrontations between himself and Dantalion, takes Marianne and Bradley to the family enclave on Neptune Island. Dantalion tracks them to Neptune Island and the action continues.

  Judgment and Wrath has all the elements of a top-notch thriller — the meanest of villains, a hero who is a stone-cold killer and a worthy adversary, and non-stop action which starts on page one. There is no let up until the very end of the book when the ultimate confrontation between Dantalion and Hunter leaves readers waiting for the next installment. Enjoy Matt Hilton, a new author you should add to your favorites list. Judgment and Wrath is a must read if you love thrillers.

--Jerry Solot

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