Jamie Dornan Not Interested in S&M, Plus More Frank Revelations About His Dislike of Christian Grey

The Fifty Shades Darker star Jamie Dornan who’s glowing on the covers of GO Australia’s February 2017 issue wants to clarify that he is not Christian Grey. He made this revelation to settle issues regarding his bedroom preferences.

He admitted that he had never experienced anything like the experience he felt upon visiting an S&M dungeon while preparing for his role. He clarified that he never was interested in S&M and had never seen any form of it.

He stated that S&M never appealed to him much, but that he was an open-minded and liberal person who wasn’t skeptical about a person’s sexual preferences. He said that a person’s sexual stimulation was a personal matter, and that there were a million ways for a person to get sexually pleased.

He also said that he wasn’t fond about his role opposite Dakota Johnson as the sexually obsessed male lead. Jamie disclosed that Christian Grey was a person he would not get along with. He said that he had easy going friends who loved a good joke, and he couldn’t picture himself drinking with Grey or choosing him as a friend as he wasn’t his type.

However no one was more surprised with the Fifty Shades box office success than the 34 year old Irish actor. He informed the mag that he had never let his fame get to his head as it drove a person mad with its high scrutiny levels along with the absolute craziness of these film series.

He also mentioned that he always had an intuition that the movie would do well and rake in lots of money. He said that it was quite logical to conclude that the 100 million people who had read the book would come to watch the movie! But he still honestly never expected the movie to be so successful.

He doesn’t blame the many project haters for not grabbing at the Fifty Shades opportunity. He recounts that you become a part of these projects only upon accepting the fact that it doesn’t stand alone in the field. He said that he wouldn’t blame anyone as he had lots of opinions about things he didn’t know about, and that it was not something to lose sleep.

He attributes his level-headedness to his strong support system of family, wife, kids and friends, who he’s been around since he was a child and haven’t changed. He also said that they wouldn’t let him change too, unless needed. He also mentioned that there were many similar people in the industry who became a prick upon losing the plot, which is why he’s thankful for the great people around him.

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